Ritmo L Plus


Product Code: 00246444

The PFT Ritmo L Plus is one of our most popular machines. It will mix and pump all your backing plasters and renders. The Ritmo L Plus will mix and pump the material up to 30 mts away.(depending on material quality). The 2.2 kw 230v motor makes it the most powerful single phase mixing pump in the world and the UKs best selling machine. The onboard compressor makes this single unit a true 1 stop machine for any plasterer.

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Product Information

The proven one-man mixing pump with 230 V alternating current now with powerful drive of 2,2 kW – for spraying and applying spray renders, levelling compounds, dispersion paints and many more with a grain size of up to 3 mm.

The potential drive uses the power of the single-phase electric power to full capacity. This enables to work various materials – even outdoor plaster – with hose lengths of up to 20 metres.

For all materials such as:

Interior plastering, Finishing coat, Knifing filler, Levelling compounds, Liquid filling compound, Grouting mortar for door frames, Upgraded insulation, Dispersion paints, BETOKONTAKT, Restoration mortar